BARDAHL SYNMAXTRAN 5000 (100% Synthetic Limited Slip Differential fluid)

Net content 1 L

SynMaxtran 5000 (Limited Slip Differential) is the preferred oil for which the manufacturer recommends a “limited slip” lubricant. It is a high performance, versatile multi-grade gear/transmission lubricant designed for extreme pressure conditions for use in limited slip gear. It possesses excellent EP properties, outstanding anti-corrosion protection, superior oxidation stability and effective foaming characteristics. Specially selected friction modifier eliminates squawking in modern day limited slip axles and promotes smooth clutch engagement without chatter.


  • Protect limited slip gears and hypoid gears form wear and scuffing. Suitable for moderate to heavy duty services on manual transmissions and hypoid gears on cars, trucks and requiring API GL-5 oil.
  • Compatible with "yellow metals" such as bronze found in synchronizers and other transmission parts.
  • High thermal and oxidative resistance for extended drain service and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Bardahl "Polar Plus" with Fullerenes-BENEFITS TO GEARS - Reduce gear wear
  • Improved seals and gasket compatibility.

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